Quant-ph 20190109 Know More Physics via Exploration and Studies on New Quantum Materials

Title: Know More Physics via Exploration and Studies on New Quantum Materials
Speaker: Prof. Yanfeng Guo
Time: 13:30?January?9 (Wednesday), 2019
Place: TDLI Meeting Room 202 (East Wing of Pao Yue-kong Library)
Host: Prof. Wentao Zhang


Novel quantum materials (QMs) offer opportunities not only to discovery exotic physical properties but also to achieve more fresh insights into some long-standing fundamental issues in condensed matter physics. They also provide promise in realizing new functions that could be used in technology. The exploration of novel QMs is therefore of utmost importance. In this talk, he will to review his establishment of capabilities for QMs synthesis in the past more than three years. He also will introduce his recent processes in single crystal growth, new materials exploration, and physical properties measurement on several topological semimetals and magnetic alloys/oxides. His future plan for research will also be briefly presented in the talk.
[1] Y. G. Shi#, Y. F. Guo# (同等贡献), et al."A ferroelectric-like structural transition in a metal", Nature Materials 12, 1024, 2013.
[2] A. J. Princep, H. L. Feng, Y. F. Guo*(通讯作者), et al., "Magnetically driven loss of structural inversion symmetry in a metallic oxide", submitted.



Prof. Yanfeng Guo got his PhD from Institute of Physics, CAS, in 2008. He did his postdoctoral research in National Institute for Materials Science in Japan from Sept. 2008 to Sept. 2012 and then in University of Oxford from Sept. 2012 to June, 2015. He took the present position in SPST in ShanghaiTech University as an assistant professor in July, 2015. He was selected into the Program of “Special Appointment (Eastern Scholar) at Shanghai Institutions of Higher Learning” and “Pujiang Talent Plan” in 2017. He has published 70+ papers in authorized journals such as Nature materials, Nature Physics, and JACS.



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