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The institute will concentrate on fundamental challenges in physics and astrophysics, and also launch efforts in quantum science and technology....

ATLAS “observed” the Higgs Boson decaying into bottom quark pairsOn July 9th, 2018, ATLAS collaboration, being one of the main experiments at LHC CERN and consisting of ~3000 scientists all over the

ATLAS “observed” the Higgs Boson decaying into bottom quark pairsThe Higgs Boson decaying into bottom quark pairs is the decay channel with highest branching ratio, ~58%. The observation of it is ..

Seminar: The Role Played by hBN in Graphene/hBN Devices

Abstract: The hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) is a well-known substrate for graphene and other 2D heterostructure devices, mostly due to its flat, chemical inert surface and a good dielectric with a large band gap. In fact, hBN is found to be much more interesting and important thanit acts as a ...


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