Galaxy Angular Momentum Alignment 2019


(October 21-25, 2019,Shanghai,China)

The international conference GAMA (Galaxy Angular Momentum Alignment) will focus on the alignment of angular momentum of dark matter halos, and galaxies with large scale structure. Recent and upcoming surveys will provide a rich testing ground, which this meeting will discuss, review, and forecast. The spin field in principle contains comparable amount of cosmic information as the density field and brings independent ways in understanding the gravitational dynamics of large scale structure (potentially dark energy and neutrino mass).

This conference brings together theory, data, and facilities, reviewing recent progress, and providing an open forum for future work. Significant time will be allocated to topical discussions.

It is recommended that participants register early in order for LOC to provide timely assistance (e.g. invitation letter for visa) if needed.


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Haoran Yu (

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Scientific Organizing Committee:

Carlos S. Frenk (Durham U.)

Shy Genel (Flatiron Inst.)

Yipeng Jing (SJTU/TDLI)

Lee Jounghun (Seoul National U.)

Xi Kang (PMO)

Pavel Motloch (CITA)

Julio Navarro (U. of Victoria)

Ue-Li Pen (CITA, Chair)

Cristiano Porciani (U. Bonn)

Xiaohu Yang (SJTU/TDLI)

Hao-Ran Yu (SJTU/TDLI)


Local Organizing Committee:

Li Fu (TDLI)

Sheng Li (TDLI)

Mengzhu Lu (TDLI)

Jian Qin (SJTU)

Jinghua Shi (TDLI)

Jieshuang Wang (SJTU/TDLI)

Haoran Yu (SJTU/TDLI, Chair)

Yu Yu (SJTU)

Pengjie Zhang (SJTU/TDLI)

Ying Zu (SJTU)

Invited Speakers:

Marius Cautun (Leiden U.)

Yanmei Chen (NJU)

Shy Genel (Flatiron Inst.)

Fangzhou Jiang (Hebrew U. of Jerusalem)

Yipeng Jing (SJTU/TDLI)

Xi Kang (PMO)

Shihong Liao (NAOC)

Weipeng Lin (SYSU)

Dmitri Pogosyan (U. of Alberta)

Cristiano Porciani (U. Bonn)

Shi Shao (Durham U.)

Peng Wang (Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam)

Xiaohu Yang (SJTU/TDLI)

Jiajun Zhang (CTPU IBS)

Ling Zhu (SHAO)