Astrophysical Dynamics

July 7-9, 2019

Tsung-Dao Lee Institute, Shanghai

Dynamics plays an important role in some of the most interesting problems in astrophysics, from planet formation to galaxy evolution. This international conference will cover select topics on astrophysical dynamics, with focus on current outstanding problems and issues that may be of common interest to different dynamics communities. The conference will follow the IAU Symposium on Galactic Dynamics (co-sponsored by the T.D.Lee Institute) that takes place in Shanghai in the previous week.

The conference will consist of invited/solicited talks (some chosen from submitted abstracts) and posters, with ample time for discussion. While the three-day meeting (with registration on July 6) will focus on science, we will also use the occasion (e.g. banquet) to celebrate the 70th birthday of Professor Doug Lin.

If you have any questions, please contact   leeastronomy at

The Final Program (book)

Formal Registration and Abstract Submission

Registration deadline: May 5;
Abstract submission deadline: May 5

Only registered participants can submit abstracts. It is recommended that participants register early in order for LOC to provide timely assistance (e.g. invitation letter for visa and hotel reservation) if needed.

Key Dates and Schedule

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Registration Fee and Payment Methods

Registration fee payment opens: Late March, 2019;

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  • Shigeru Ida (Tokyo)
  • Willy Kley (Tuebingen)
  • Dong Lai (Cornell/TDLI), Chair
  • Rosemary Mardling (Monash)
  • Gordon Ogilvie (Cambridge)
  • Simon Portegies Zwart (Leiden)
  • Caroline Terquem (Oxford)
  • Scott Tremaine (IAS)
  • Yanqin Wu (Toronto)
  • JiLin Zhou (Nanjing)

3D campus view.


  • Li Fu (TDLI)
  • Yipeng Jing (SJTU/TDLI)
  • Sheng Li (TDLI)
  • Juntai Shen (SJTU)
  • Jinhua Shi (TDLI)
  • Pengjie Zhang (SJTU/TDLI), Chair
  • Renjie Zhang (TDLI)